With a little help from your friends…

Bulk tagging of physical releases isn’t currently built-in to the Single Admin, but follow these steps and we’ll get you taken care of!

For reference, here is the information that needs to be included in your product export: Handle, Title, Type, Variant Barcode, Image Src, Variant SKU, Option1 Value

1. Export Product Data from Shopify
Go to Shopify Admin
Click “Products” on the left
Click “Export” at the top
Choose “All Products (or current search if they’re already filtered somehow)”
Choose “CSV for Excel, Numbers, or other….”
Click “Export Products”

2. Download the spreadsheet from the email Shopify delivers to you
3. Add the “Type” information
Open the file in Excel or some other spreadsheet software.
There’s a column called “Type” that has the product type data in it.
Update the values in this column with the “type” of the physical product. (Valid values are: CD, Vinyl, Tape, and Video)
4. Double check UPCs
Every row should have a valid UPC in the “Variant Barcode” column
5. Remove unwanted products/variants
Delete rows for anything you don't want tagged / reported (like T-shirts and other merch)
6. Save the file (preferably in CSV)
7. Send it to us support@singlemusic.com
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