Multi-Variant Album Product Pages w/ Preview Player

We've had many artists ask if they can use our preview player with physical products in their Shopify store. We've recently pushed an update that keeps all formats (digital and physical) within the same product page.

If you want to sell CD / Vinyl / Digital / Cassette as variants of the same product (which includes our snazzy preview player), follow the directions below!

1.) Start by creating your digital release in Single, and then publishing as a "Digital Standalone"

2.) Go into your Shopify admin > Products > Select the "Digital Album" product that was just created

3.) Scroll down to "Variants" - you'll see your "Digital Download" variant that you just created in Single

4.) Select "Add Variant" and enter a title, for example "CD" or "Vinyl"

5.) Scroll down to "Inventory" and change the "Inventory Managed By" field to "Shopify"

6.) Hit "Save Variant" at the bottom of the page

7.) Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each physical format you'd like to add

8.) Take a look at the product in your storefront. Your album page should now include variants for each format, in addition to the preview player!

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