Inside your Single dash.

Our app is free to install. You're even allowed to test out a few features inside the app without approving billing.

Once you go through the process of creating your first digital release, you may find that the buttons "Create a Standalone Digital" or "Attach to a Physical Product" aren't there. What gives?

You've successfully gotten to the last step of the process - right before your release is published to your shop. In order to publish it to Shopify, you need to approve billing for Single.

Log into your Single dashboard, and you should see a blue banner across the top of your screen.

Clicking on the banner will send you to you Shopify admin page, where you'll quickly be able to approve billing from Single.

If you're just selling digital music, you won't be charged anything until the release is on sale and someone purchases it.

The three things you cannot do until you approve billing are:

Create a digital standalone
Attach digital to a physical product
Tag physical records for reporting

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