Bundling made simple

When creating a digital release using the Single Music dashboard, you’ll be prompted with three options to publish:

To bundle your newly created digital release with a physical product, simply select “Attach to Existing Products”. Just be sure to follow Nielsen’s updated rules when creating and selling your bundles!

Note: Are you not seeing these buttons? It's likely because you haven't approved billing from Single. Check out our dedicated support article to learn more.

But I’ve already created my digital release…

No problem!

On the “Manage Digital Releases” page you’ll see a list of your digital music and several “actions” you can take. Choose the paperclip.

On the next page there is a search bar to find products in your Shopify store. Search for and select a product you would like to attach the digital album to. You will then be asked whether you would like to report a digital or physical sale with each purchase of the product.

If the physical product you're attaching to is not a physical version of the album, select digital. If the physical product is a CD, Vinyl or Tape, you may report that version by selecting "Physical" and choosing a format. However we strongly recommend you report the digital version.

Finally, click "Create Attachments"

Congratulations, you’ve created a bundle!

You’ll now see new sections on your View Release page detailing your sales and reporting counts!

You can view these analytics at any time by selecting the pie chart icon next to each album on your “Manage Digital Releases” page.
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