Would you like some music to go with that t-shirt?

In order for a digital album sale to be eligbile for the Billoard charts it needs to be purchased as a standalone item. Upsells help drive additional eligible album sales and can be used to promote any item in your shop!

To start, enter your Single Dashboard

Click on "Upsell Campaigns" on the left

Click "Create Upsell Campaign"

Fill out basic information about your upsell

- "Name" is for your internal use only
- "Message" is the text that displays on the top of your pop-up
- Upsell campaigns begin upon publishing unless a start date is added
- Upsell campaigns exist in perpetuity unless end date is added

In the search field, enter the name of the Shopify product that you would like to offer in an upsell, then add it to the list

If you would like to offer the item at a discount in the upsell, click the dropdown next to the product name. This will reveal another field where you can write the desired final discount price of an item.

Select products or collections that will trigger the Upsell Campaign pop-up.

Collection attachments will be synced - any future products you add or remove from the collection in Shopify will automatically be associated with this upsell campaign.

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