Apple doesn’t play nice…

Apple allows for direct music downloads in iOS 13. However, they restrict you from moving music into the native “music” app.

In order to get the music downloaded onto your iPhone, follow the below instructions:

1.) Open the link on your iPhone

2.) Download the MP3 file.

3.) Hit "More..."

4.) Scroll down and hit "Save to Files"

5.) Click "On my iPhone"

6.) Hit "Downloads"

7.) Save it

8.) Exit out of the tab, then go to your files app.

9.) Go to your downloads in the file app.

10.) The album/songs will be in your downloads folder.

In order to get the music into the music app of your iOS device, follow the below instructions:

1.) Open the link on your computer - this will start the download

2.) Locate the downloaded "zip" file in your downloads folder. Double click (on a mac) to unzip the file.

3.) Drag the unzipped album from your downloads folder into iTunes. You should see iTunes begin processing the tracks.

Hint: Sort your library by “date added” and to see your new music at the top

4.) Once the music is inside your iTunes library, you can now manually add it to your iOS device.

Use these instructions to help guide you through the syncing process.

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