Build your mailing list by offering a free track to fans

A few notes:

Single was built to help artists sell digital music directly from their web stores. But by following the instructions below, you can give away music for free using Single. However, you would still be charged our standard digital rate of 15 cents per delivered track

Music given away for free can not be reported to the official charts

How To

Start by creating a release in Single that includes just the track you would like to give away

Create a Shopify product named "Newsletter Promo"

Create a collection named "Promo" and add the "Newsletter Promo" product. Finally, hide the collection from your storefront. This will hide the product from your storefront, except for those who have a direct link to the product.

Attach your release from Single to the "Newsletter Promo" Shopify product. For the "Reporting Type" field, be sure to select "Do Not Report"

Create a discount code for the "Newsletter Promo" product

Edit the newsletter form info. In the Shopify admin, click on Online Store > Themes > Click "Actions" > Click "Edit Languages":

Scroll down to the section named "Newsletter Form". Edit the first field to let fans know they will receive a free track just for signing up:

For some inspiration, take a look at an example from Brushfire Records:

Modify the welcome email that customers receive after signing up. For this you'll need to add an email marketing app to your Shopify store. We recommend SmartrMail as you can create an auto-welcome email on the free plan.

After you install SmartrMail, go to Automations > Welcome Email

Edit the "Welcome Email" message and be sure to include 1) a link to the hidden "Newsletter Promo" product and 2) the discount code for the product. You can learn about customizing your email through SmartrMail's documentation here.

Having trouble with this set-up? Reach out to our support team!
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