Shopify makes accepting crypto payments easy for merchants.

There are four alternative payment providers which offer cryptocurrency support. While they are similar, take a look into each to see which functionality would be best for your store.

Coinbase Commerce



Coinpayments Beta

Each of these services allow customers to make purchases with Bitcoin. In addition, Coinbase Commerce offers support for Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. GoCoin allows for Dash and Litecoin payments. If you’re looking for a full-featured payment provider that offers support for over 1,085 cryptocurrencies, go with Coinpayments Beta.

For this demonstration, we’ll use Coinbase Commerce. We’ve kept it short here - you can find a more detailed instructions inside the Coinbase Commerce help center.

1.) Sign up for Coinbase Commerce

2.) Create an API Key

Log into Coinbase Commerce

Go to Settings

Find the “API Keys” section and select “create API key”

3.) Go to your Shopify Dashboard

Find Settings - Payment Providers

Under “Alternative Providers” select “Coinbase Commerce”

Enter the email you signed up to Coinbase Commerce with, as well as the API key you’ve just created

It’s that easy.

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