There are situations where you may want to start a pre-sale before your tracks have been mixed, mastered or otherwise completed.

In fact, if you are creating a DIY crowdfunding campaign, this will certainly be the case.

There are a couple ways to do this, depending if you're offering a pre-release single or if your album will be released all at once.

If your entire album is released at once...

1.) Create a product in Shopify that does not require fulfillment. Make sure the product is clearly labeled "pre-sale" - both in the name of the product and description. You can put this product for sale immediately.

2.) Once you have the finished tracks, create your digital release in Single. Attach the release to the physical product from step 1.

3.) Finally, let us know when your release is attached and we will run a reprocess. The album will be delivered on your specified release date to those who purchased the pre-order product.

If you are offering an instant grat track / pre-release tracks...

1.) Create your digital release in Single. Some of the fields will be required - fill them in as best you can.

2.) Upload the pre-release single and specify a date for that track.

3.) If you only have one grat track, you need to add a "filler track" for each of the tracks that will be on the album. This ensures that everyone receives the full album on release date and that you are billed for the correct album rate.

To upload "filler tracks", simply find any sample wav file online and upload it with the title "Filler Track 1". You can upload the same sample wav file in place of each track that will be on your album. Use US-pppppppp as the isrc's.

Warning: If you set up an album with filler tracks, set up several reminders for yourself to add the correct tracks. If not, fans will automatically receive the temporary tracks that you uploaded during product creation

3.) Publish the album to your store and start making sales.

4.) When you're ready to swap out the real wav files for the filler tracks, contact us. We'll put the release back into "creation in progress" mode so you can finish creating your release.
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