Step inside your Single dashboard

As helpful as our customer service team is, you may wish for us to take a more "behind-the-scenes" approach

It's cool. We get it.

When a fan purchases music from your Shopify store, they are immediately sent a delivery email.

We now provide tools for artists and labels to completely customize this email. Navigate to your Single dashboard and go to "Settings". You will see a customization form:

To turn on whitelabeling, click the button in the top left. You can now edit various aspects of the delivery email.

If you choose to customize your delivery email, all fields are required.

Add your logo by dragging and dropping. Edit the Title field to change the subject of the email, and the Body change the body text. The color selector changes the button color.

Most importantly, you can add your own email address to the Customer Support Email field. But to be clear... this is the email that fans will reach out to if they have trouble! For details on how to handle customer inquiries, as well as some of the actions you can take regarding orders, check out our dedicated support article.

As you customize this email, you may want to see it from the fan's perspective. Simply click "Send Test Email" and your delivery email will be sent to the email of the account you are currently logged into.

Finally, be sure to save your hard work! Navigating off of the page without saving, or toggling whitelabeling on / off will cause you to lose all of your hard work.

The best part about this: It's completely optional. If you'd still like Single to help customers with their downloads, we would be more than happy to.
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