Is your album still on pre-sale?

Previews are not available on tracks with a release date in the future. You can still display the tracklist be choosing "Publish as standalone w/ tracklist". The play buttons will appear on the album's release date.

Have you deleted any items inside your Shopify Admin?

As we explain in this article, when your music is exported from Single a couple things happen. First, a “Digital Album” product is created and sent to your Shopify store. Next, a product is created for each track. While these aren’t visible to your customers, these “Digital Track” products power the preview player.

The example below is what the “Digital Album” and “Digital Track” products look like in your Shop Admin when added to your Shopify store.

If you’ve already removed them, you’ll have to start fresh with a new digital release.

Does this not apply to you? Read on…

Have you switched themes since you installed the Single App?

When Single is first installed, we add some theme assets into the theme you’re using. If you switch themes, it’s possible these didn’t transfer.

Easy fix. Log into your Single Dashboard. Under “Account”, select “Settings”. Click on the button that says “Reinstall Shopify Theme Assets”.

Refresh your Shopify store and your player should be there!

Still having trouble? Talk to us and we’ll get things straightened out.
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