Likely an easy fix...

FYI here are the deadlines to report physical and digital to SoundScan.

My "sold" numbers are off !

Did you tag physical or attach digital to Shopify products after they had already been on sale?

No problem. Just let our support team know what date the products first went on sale. Our system can go back and pick up all orders which occured after that date.

My "reported" numbers are off !

Were there sales made the same day you're looking at the dashboard?

Don't worry - those will report tomorrow at 11 am!

Do any orders have missing emails?

If the download email wasn't successfully delivered, it wouldn't count as a sale. To check if all orders have emails associated, first export your order list in the top left corners of your "orders" page.

After you import the .csv to Google Sheets or Excel, sort the sheet by the "Email" column. This will bring all missing emails together, either at the top or bottom of the spreadsheet.

You can prevent this by requiring emails at checkout in Shopify.

Were there any purchases of 5 - 10 copies of the same album?

If so, that constitutes a bulk purchase by Nielsen and only 5 sales would count.

How about orders that include 10+ copies of the same album?

None of these sales would count towards the charts.

Are there physical orders shipped outside the US or Canada?

If so, these wouldn't count towards the charts.
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