When is your release date?

If your music is unreleased...

You'll need to visit the website of your distributor. Ask them for the URI to your unreleased album. When you enter the link & release date into Single, our system will power the pre-save. We've included instructions from some common distributors below:

CD Baby, Label Worx, TuneCore

If your music has been released...

For many of these services, the process is the same or very similar. First navigate to the playlist, album, artist or track page that you would like to share.

You'll see a button with three dots (or something similar) which leads to extra options - including "share link". We've included a screenshot of each service below to help you find it.

Amazon Music

1) Select the "Link" button to the right of the play / shuffle buttons
2) Click "Copy Link"

Apple Music

1) Click on the three dots
2) Hover over "Share"
3) Click "Copy Link"


1) Click on the three dots next to "<3 Add"
2) Click "Share"


1) Click on the dropdown next to the server name in the top left
2) Click "Invite People"
3) Click "Copy"


1) Click "Share"
2) Click "Copy Link"


1) Right click on "Become a Patron" and click "copy link address".


1) Click on "Share"
2) Copy the link


1) Click the three dots
2) Hover over "Share"
3) Click "Copy Spotify URI"


1) Click on the three dots next to the "i"
2) Hover over "Share"
3) Click "Copy Link"


1) Go to a channel and click "Share"
2) Click "Copy to Clipboard"


To Share a Channel

1) Navigate to the channel page in your web browser
2) Copy the link in your URL bar

To Share a Video

1) Click "Share"
2) Copy Link

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